Global Café aims to provide a place for all International Students studying at Bradford University or college to meet local people, make friends and improve their English whilst here in Bradford.
It is run by volunteers from local churches and the Christian Union.
We hope that you find Global Café a pleasant and friendly place to come and have drinks and snacks, play games and meet new people.
We offer a wide variety of activities to help you get to know local people and also there are optional Bible studies where you can explore Christianity for yourself

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Today at 1 pm at the Discovery Centre, where we normally have Global Cafe, we are having a memorial service for Mateusz to remember him.

There is NO dress code so don't worry about wearing the right thing, just come as you are. Some of us are coming straight from exams, some from our work.

The important thing is us coming together to remember our dear friend who left us too soon.

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The Team

  • Madeleine and Nkosana Phiri

    Madeleine and Nkosana Phiri

  • Ruth Tilt

    Ruth Tilt

  • Mark Jones

    Mark Jones

    Team Leader