A Polish Student’s Perspective

As a new person in the British society and culture, I felt quite lonely and

worried about everything connected with my future in this city. I know how

difficult it is to find oneself in a completely different environment than that

we are used to in our countries.


Obviously, I did not have many friends that I could talk to in Bradford at that

time. In addition, my English required a lot of practice. I need to admit that

the language poses a huge barrier when one is afraid of speaking,

especially when it comes to talking to native speakers. Thus, I had many

problems as a newcomer in the UK.


When I decided to come to Global Café for the first time, I was warmly

welcomed by all team members and was offered excellent food for

absolutely nothing. At the time, I had some concerns about the language

and the people who I had been supposed to meet before I came there.

Fortunately, all of them turned out to be without merit.


I found patient volunteers whose main goal was to help me with my

assimilation process in Britain. I could finally practice my English in a

friendly atmosphere and got to know other people from all over the world.

Naturally, it was a great opportunity to form new friendships as well.


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